Couple of question


11-03-2007 09:28:56

Hi CaseyB,

I have trouble using createSoundStream for my music files(.ogg). It works perfectly with createSound but I'd like to switch to createSoundStream (for memory issues), but I have no sound when using this method :(
The code is the same for both methods:

OgreAL::Sound *s = sm->createSound("GameMusic", "Ambiance4.ogg", true );
s->setGain( (overall_volume/255.0f) * (music_volume/255.0f) );
s->setRelativeToListener( true );

I'll try with the CVS version asap.

Then I have another question... you know that sound cards have hardware limitations for the numbers of audio sources (generally 16). How does OgreAL manage this? If i create more sound than my hardware limitation?

Thx a lot



11-03-2007 19:39:41

Let me know if it works for you using the SVN version, there have been a lot of fixes in there. Right now the limit is handled very crudely. There is a method that you can call that will tell you how many sources you can create and if you try to make more than that it will throw an exception. This is one of the things that is going to be fixed in v0.3.


11-03-2007 20:33:48

thx CaseyB, same problem with createAudioStream and SVN version ...


11-03-2007 23:57:56

Does the basic demo run ok for you? If you press NumPad 4 does the music start to play? Are there any errors in your Ogre.log?