My Two Questions :p


20-03-2007 04:17:50

First off, nice form on the wrapper, I have used OpenAl before with ogre and this definetley helps out, with ease of use and development time.

Just two quick ones.

i cant seem to get ogg files fading off. i have them as monos. my wavs work fine. any tricks with this??

second one. is there a way to get a sound not to be affected by the orientation of a listener. so that it has fall off but is always mixed evenly between the two channells?? THis is good for sounds that come from an area not a single point.

Thanks in advance


20-03-2007 04:22:05

Well, what you could do regarding the falloff issue is cheat. Keep the sound oriented with the listener, and ajust the gain (and pitch, if you care to be that detailed) based on your distance from the source (though I can't think of a situation this would be useful - To have distance you must have a berring)

As to oggs... I have no idea. I haven't done anything in file loading/playback. *points at CaseyB*


20-03-2007 04:26:58

yeah fixed the ogg, my reference distance and gain needed some love as the file was quite a bit louder than the wav. stupid mistake