OgreAL update?


09-04-2007 18:17:33

I grabbed OgreAL from SVN shortly after v0.2 was released. Have any additions been made since then? Is there any rough estimate for v0.3, or a dev roadmap? I'm not trying to be pushy, I just think OgreAL is awesome, and want to encourage is development! :D

Plus Resources, getting and setting position, and pausing sounds would be really useful for me also. Are some of these already in the SVN?



09-04-2007 19:00:14

Yup, there have been a few updates and bug fixes. As for getting and setting position, there have always been two ways to do that, you can get and set the position of the Sound itself or of the node that it is attached to. As for a rough timeline, there really isn't one. The features that are planned for v0.3 are to integrate the Ogre::ResourceManager to allow for background loading of resources, wrapping the EAX extension, better resource management to allow for more Sounds than there are sources available in the sound card, "Sound Particles", and Sound Scripts.


30-06-2007 18:18:51

Any news?

Remember that EAX will be gone soon - in fact it is totally gone on Windows Vista.


Looks like it is being replaced by EFX (Effects Extension):

One great thing about it is that it's cross-platform. :)