missing OgreEventListeners.h


22-04-2007 23:16:09

the demos fail to compile because of a missing "OgreEventListeners.h" header. searching for it both in ogre/openal/ogreal`s include directory did not reveal it

i am using ogre 1.4 and ogreal 0.2

how can i fix this and compile the demos?


23-04-2007 16:43:34

OgreAL v0.2 was meant to be build against Ogre 1.2. You'll need to get the Eihort branch from the Sourceforge SVN repo. There are instructions for this in the post stickied at the top of this forum.


23-04-2007 16:50:48

ogreAL compiled fine with 1.4. will i experience difficulties using it with eihort?

the demos were the problem, thanks for the fix


23-04-2007 18:06:31

1.4 is Eihort. There should be no problems if you grab the OgreAL-Eihort branch in the SVN repo.


23-04-2007 18:09:01

thanks for the support.

btw i knew that 1.4 was eihort, i jut didn`t want to repeate the same name in a short post. pure cosmetic reasons ;)