Problem with nForce audio chipset


26-06-2007 21:41:13


we're currently releasing our game Another Day of Chaos (, so during our alpha tests, peoples are testing the game and it seems that some of them are experiencing problems with their nForce audio system, no format is supported:

22:07:33: *-*-* OgreAL Initialization
22:07:33: MovableObjectFactory for type 'OgreAL_Sound' registered.
22:07:33: MovableObjectFactory for type 'OgreAL_Listener' registered.
22:07:33: *-*-* Creating OpenAL
22:07:34: OpenAL Devices: NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio, Generic Hardware, Generic Software,
22:07:34: Choosing: NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio
22:07:34: Supported Formats
22:07:34: -----------------
22:07:34: EAX 2.0 Detected

Any idea?



26-06-2007 22:19:44

Have they updated their sound drivers? People were having issues before and drivers were one of the big issues.


26-06-2007 22:54:20

I'll ask them, thanks for the fast reply CaseyB.