16-07-2007 17:21:35

Hi, I have been trying to incorporate OpenAL, ALUT, ogg, vorbis, and OgreAL into my project to get OgreAL running. I've got lots of includes etc. in, and it seems pretty good on the compiling stage (haven't got to linking yet!), but I'm hitting problems with:

#include "dsound.h"

I'm sure this is a file from DirectX's sound libraries, and I'm wondering: do I need to get the DirectX SDK to get this to work? I'm not using the Creative SDK, which for all I know might include this file. I'm getting that now, to try and have a look.

I'm also getting the newest version of Ogre for Code::Blocks (1.4.3), because 1.4.0, which I'm currently using, supposedly doesn't quite have all the DirectX stuff (hence the debug build errors about a directX DLL).

Anyway -- will post back if I fix this; but, can anyone give me a tip about where to find this file/what I will need to get this done correctly? I will post my basic structure if I get this compile working.



16-07-2007 17:24:36

Have just checked the Creative OpenAL SDK - no dsound.h there. Not really that surprised... Now I need to try updating Ogre; and if that doesn't work, look for a version of DirectX SDK...


16-07-2007 22:05:49

Found it in Aug 2006's DirectX SDK. I've got it in my project now, and am just fielding a bunch of errors with C-like treatment of C++ constructs and vice versa. Since OpenAL comes with a VC++ solution file, I'm guessing that even trying to build this from source in Code::Blocks with GCC could be a big mistake... Not sure whether the OpenAL SDK would work better with Code::Blocks, of course.


16-07-2007 22:56:53

Gave up on using the OpenAL from source. I've got OgreAL running with the SDK now. Have yet to try actually playing a sound in-program, however...


16-07-2007 23:54:36

There is a sticky at the top of this forum with instructions for getting OgreAL to build in Code::Blocks, I've never tried to build OpenAL before though.


17-07-2007 02:08:19

Yup, that doc is much appreciated. I got OgreAL working -- just couldn't build OpenAL, had to use the SDK.