Link statically OgreAL/OpenAL libs with my application


26-09-2007 11:58:51

I'm working in a Ogre application under Linux (Ubuntu). I want to put sound, and I'm looking for a library that enables the static linking with my application.
The are somebody that can explain me how to link statically OpenAL / OgreAL libs with my application???



26-09-2007 14:05:03

OgreAL is released under LGPL, so static linking is outside of the license, unless you release your code under the same license. If that is the case then you would just need to tweak the OgreAL project in order to get it to build a static library. I am not familiar enough with Linux development to tell you how though. Sorry.


02-02-2011 16:30:24

any chances to change the license to mit like ogre itself? i'd like to work with OgreAL on the iphone but using lgpl is not possible for me.