Overview and feature list of OgreAL?


08-10-2007 19:09:41

Hi there!

I'm really sorry to ask this, but I have searched for something like a feature list and something like an overview for OgreAL without success.
So, it would be great if somebody could provide me with a link to something like that. I'm currently implementing my first app that needs sound and a friend of mine suggested OgreAL (though he never used it himself). Until then I always considered to use FMOD, but as I'm using Ogre anyway and "OgreAL" sound like it's using some things of Ogre to simplify usage of sounds, I'm really interested in this.
So, please someone give me an overview about what OgreAL does, what it features currently are and so on?


09-10-2007 19:00:00

Sorry for the late reply. At the moment OgreAL will allow you to load in wav and ogg files. The Sound objects act like any other object in Ogre, you can attach it to SceneNodes and move it around the scene. This allows you to place the sound source anywhere in the scene and move it as needed, you can also have background music or sounds. It allows some basic sound manipulation such as doppler effect and directional sounds. The limitations are that you can only have a limited number of Sounds and this is dependent on your hardware so it differs from machine to machine, you can stream ogg files, but not wav files yet. There had been some issues with certain ogg files, but I beefed up the ogg loader so I need more people to try it out.


09-10-2007 19:15:33

Sounds nice. So I can place sounds in my scene. Integration into Ogre's scene graph surely is a nice feature. Does OgreAL make use of surround sound systems, if available? (I'm sorry if this is somehow obvious, but as I mentioned I never used sound before in an application)
Is there a documentation I could take a look at to get a feeling for the whole thing?


09-10-2007 22:41:08

Yup, it'll make use of the surround sound. There is some documentation in this forum for getting it downloaded and set up, and the code comes with examples. There used to be an API document that got lost when I changed web hosts, I will get that back up soon though.


10-10-2007 19:04:43

Great! Thx for your responses. Now that I've finally got the graphics system of my game perform its basic tasks, I think I'll look into integrating OgreAL. I guess, we'll see each other here then :)


10-10-2007 19:45:15

Yup, let me know if you hit any issues or find any bugs!