Issue with Multichannel_demo


18-10-2007 08:51:36

Hi there!

I've recently managed to get OgreAL to compile and run. Testing the multichannel demo (the one with the 5.1 ogg file), I've noticed an issue:
The channel mapping seems to be completely wrong for me.
This is the output I receive ( Sound played -> box used):

Front Left -> Front Left
Front Right -> Center
Center -> Front Right
Back Right -> Back Left
<deep hum> -> Back Right

I assume that <pause> should be "Back Left" being played.
Anyway, the mapping definitely is off. In all the other demos the sounds are mapped properly (e.g. in Basic_Demo I can turn around 360° and the sound will be mapped to the proper output channel), only the multichannel ogg seems to cause this problem.
This might not be important to my project, but I thought I'd post it nevertheless and try to help with it.


18-10-2007 18:15:19

Yeah, that is correct. This was the only multi-channel ogg sound that I could find. It came from another sound file type and the program that the person used to create it transposed the channels. Thanks for posting though! Glad to hear you're have luck with OgreAL.