Projects using OgreAL


26-10-2007 22:06:46

I'd really love to hear from people or see examples of projects using OgreAL. If you have a project and would like to post some screenshots or a link to a webpage, that would be great! :D


09-11-2007 12:39:15

we use ogreAL in our two latest titles.


09-11-2007 15:13:26

we're using it. Remember the rather stupid idea where I tried to trigger individual samples for the engine? Lets just say.. it didn't work ;) But it almost did. I'm going to be buffering multiple sounds at once and feeding them in at a much more sensible rate now :D


12-11-2007 18:45:27

We quickly posted a youtube of the game to this stage, theres 2 of us working on Crawlerz, Mike - The Artist/ Musician, Daniel(me) - Programmer.

The quality on the videos a bit low but we just quickly made it to show a few people, we'll make another one prob in a few weeks.

All the music is made by mike, we didn't record the car sound effects in this record, just our backing music. Please tell me what you think and if you have any questions or advice id like to hear it.

Theres the video only goes for 45seconds, theres like 2 minutes of blank video for some reason.


16-12-2007 21:20:31

This weekend I made Perl bindings work with OgreAL:

There are screenshots of the three Demos that work for me
(both C++ and Perl) within this list of screenshots of Perl Ogre:
You've seen those already, though.


17-12-2007 03:45:11

@slanning, I have noticed the same things that you mention when running the demos under Linux. I wasn't sure if it was the Linux OpenAL having issues or a crappy soundcard in my laptop. The Direction_Demo and Doppler_Demo both sound better under Windows for me.


17-12-2007 08:39:14

Thanks, I was wondering about that.


06-04-2008 08:31:33

Here is my project utilizing OgreAL:

Thanks for saving me a lot of worries :)