Source management support?


28-11-2007 11:05:15


I was reading through the thread about managing the number of sources within an application and I tried to apply the patch but I couldn't get it to apply because of revision changes since it was posted.

Anyway, I set about applying it manually and then noticed that OgreALSource/OgreAlSourceManager source files are already bundled with the latest version, does this mean that support has been added into the library already or not?

I didn't see any reference to the source management code but I just wanted to check before I continue on and get it integrated...



28-11-2007 11:16:48

There is no OgreALSource / OgreALSourceManager, there are OgreALSound and OgreALSoundManager, they are a bit different. In order for each sound to play it needs a source and a buffer. I have been working on adding source management, but have so far been unhappy with the results, which is why I haven't released it yet. Which patch are you talking about?


28-11-2007 12:04:31

This is the thread:

I just noticed in the src/include folders the files OgreAlSource and OgreALSourceManager, I don't know where they came from so assumed they had been included with the latest SVN version.

Well I'll try integrating them and see what happens.



28-11-2007 13:12:44

Yeah, a lot has changed since that patch. I am actively working on it though and have actually implemented it twice but ran into issues with the design. I think I've got it sorted now though, I just need to sit down and code it.