A Question for the Linux Folks


11-12-2007 00:29:47

I am now making a concerted effort to have OgreAL more fully supported on Linux, and I am having a bit of a problem decided what development environment to use. What do you guys use? The main thing I need is a good debugger!


11-12-2007 20:01:24

I use the gnu toolchain I guess you could say: `make` with `g++`, `emacs` for the editor (not that I want to start a troll), and `gdb` (or printf) for debugger (there's `ddd` if you want a GUI wrapper around `gdb`). I doubt you'll find any tools as fancy in terms of graphical interface as on Windows. I don't have good advice anyway because I'm not normally a C/C++ programmer and haven't programmed on Windows.


11-12-2007 21:35:57

I'm not a regular linux user either, but Code Blocks says its cross platform, that would be better than printf statements IMO.


20-12-2007 19:46:56

IMHO there aren't many decent IDEs for Linux. Code::Blocks is among the ones I just had to reject... There seems to not be a decent 'stable' version released of it that I have noticed, it's at maximum at 'beta' level :roll:

Also I don't know WTH were the people thinking who nominated KDevelop as "best IDE" or something like that. I think it was even directly praised to be better than MSVC++ Studio... it received some award I think some time ago. It's just so messy that I can't, even how hard I try, to accept it as being a 'good' IDE. Sorry KDevelop fans but someone has to say it!

User-interface being messy (or do I even dare to say 'hacky') is a very usual problem with open-source projects.

Ironically the best freely available (I have not tried any commercial ones) IDE that I have found for C++ development on Linux, is Netbeans (originally for Java and requires it to run). It supports both CVS and Subversion out-of-the-box, which is very important for me. I use it on Windows too, and a big plus is that on both I can (and do) make it look the same.