I've been trying to write a sound plugin for ogre


20-12-2007 13:53:23

I'm new to ogre. I thought that ogre doesn't have any sound engine, so I decided to write my own one.
I've been writing the plugin for at least a week, I've finished the streaming part, play ogg file, and set source position. and now I found there is already OgreAL...
What should I do now? Just give up the work now, or finish my own one?


20-12-2007 17:34:12

Why would you ask this on the OgreAL forums? If you're desire is to create a sound engine, then do so. Otherwise, see if OgreAL fits your needs. If it doesn't, see what can be done to make it fit your needs, and contribute to the existing lib. :)


20-12-2007 22:00:28

I agree with kungfoomasta, have a look at OgreAL and see what you think. If it's good for what you need then sweet! If it's missing some things then you can try to add them in or if it's completely wrong for you you can roll your own! ;) That's part of the beauty of OpenSource!


21-12-2007 01:43:51

Thank you!
Then I guess I'll continue to try to finish it.


21-12-2007 04:20:48

Are you going to share it when you're done? I'd like to see it!


21-12-2007 04:50:25

Yeah, sure, I'd love to!