Possible bug - pause and streaming buffers


08-02-2008 21:49:06

Hi CaseyB,

I'm getting random crashes with the following error message:
OGRE EXCEPTION(40963:): Failed to unqueue Buffers: OpenAL Error: The value pointer given is not valid in OgreAL::Sound::unqueueBuffers

What's causing it is playing/pausing a sound in quick succession, I do this because in our applications we need the ability to stop and start at any point in order to set some stereo settings, this can be synched with audio so I also need to pause/unpause the audio at the same time.

I'm using boost and thread support but it doesn't look like a boost problem, I'll try and see if I can trace it but thought I'd bring it to your attention in case you know of a solution/reason for this.

edit: Further to this, if I don't stream the sound then the pause function resets the sound file.. :?


08-02-2008 21:53:50

Nope, I had not seen that one. I have some other problems to look into as well and I hope to get to them this weekend. Thanks for pointing it out.


12-02-2008 16:24:24

Hi Casey,

I think I've solved the crash I was having which affected both pause/stop and resuming. I added in a state check in OgreALOggSound::updateSound():
if(mStream && (mSource != AL_NONE) && isPlaying())
It seems to cycle through the buffer queueing/unqueueing regardless of whether the sound is playing or not..??

Anyway, I haven't done exhaustive testing but it seems to work fine for what I was doing which was pausing/unpausing at upto 3 times a second.

Anyway, maybe it helps to pinpoint the exact cause of the crash as its definitey having problems stoping/resuming on my system.

[Edit] Still have the problem with non-streamed sounds restarting after being paused, for some reason in play() it drops into the if(!mBuffersQueued) block but I can't trace why this gets set?


12-02-2008 17:36:25

Ah, thank you! I'll add that in!


13-02-2008 01:41:30

Ok, I added this in and it seems to do the trick. I haven't ran into any issues where it falls into the if(!mBuffersQueued) section, but I'll keep playing with it and see what I can find! Thanks again for pointing this out!


13-02-2008 11:20:08

Ok great, all I'm doing is using the same sound and switching between streaming/non-streamed and calling pause/play. When not streamed the sound resets to the start, when streamed its fine :?

I added some log text to trace it and its dropping into the if block for some reason, do you not get the same problem?


13-02-2008 15:14:38

I wasn't switching between streaming and not. But that's the behavior I would expect. Why are you switching between streaming and non?


13-02-2008 15:18:47

I'm not switching dynamically, I was merely testing that a non-streamed sound also paused/unpaused correctly, but it doesn't at the moment...


13-02-2008 15:41:23

That's odd, I'll look into this tonight.