global sound volume? cleaning up sounds?


16-04-2008 23:10:53


just started using ogreal. couple of questions.

1) is it possible to expand the soundmanager to have a global gain
control? i want my users to be able to choose a volume level for
the entire app.

2) how can i get the sounds the soundmanager currently has? no
exposed iterators or anything

3) i have a lot of sound effects. they play once and go away. whats
the best way to do this? right now i make a sound and then
add a soundfinishedhandler (which i think memory leaks) which
calls some function that keeps a list of the sounds. then the next frame
uses soundmanager->destroySound() anything in that list. doing that
immediately crashes out ogeral. i guess it doesn't defer this delete itself?

also, re: callbacks and whatnot. i see lots of ogre related projects
making up their own callback schemes. why not use use boost::function?
then you can use boost::bind(), etc. its really nice