How can i update OgreAL::SoundManager


13-05-2008 18:40:32

How can i update OgreAL::SoundManager ?

The songs in my game play 100 times and not play more, how i update SoundManager ?


13-05-2008 21:19:15

Can you explain exactly what you are doing, do you mean they loop 100 times only or do you mean you can stop/play them only 100 times?

any code?


14-05-2008 02:38:24

when my character walk i play sound walk

void Actor::moveFoward()
mov_actor->setSpeed(35.0 * moviment_factor);



14-05-2008 12:16:52

Does that function get called every frame or do you initiate that function once each time you start a walk cycle?


14-05-2008 19:52:51

I initiate this function once each time i start a walk cycle


14-05-2008 20:56:55

so your saying that you can play the sound from start to end 100 times and then it won't play again? is that the same for all sounds? is it exactly 100 times? how many sound sources does your hardware support? anything listed in the log file?

Need more information about what you are doing, what you have tried and maybe your hardware setup.