Unable to detect native Sound Device


25-06-2008 08:49:04


Reading some of the forums I managed to compile OgreAL and got the DLL needed. I got the demos to work and then tried to use my own wav file. Not only was the quality bad but it seemed that the speed of the song was 2 fold. I then checked the logs and saw that the only available device is generic software. I don't get the option of my native sound card.

I then downloaded the binary for freealut and tried running the same wav file in their playfile example and it worked fine.

I have been searching the forums and a haven't found much. Also in the instructions it says to install only the OpenAL SDK not the installer, I am guessing that is only for a redist. Also one of the forums mention installing a driver, which one would this be?


Should I try and compile OgreAL with include directory pointing to the alut.h and similar with linker settings?

Any help would be appreciated

I am using Eihort Ogre
Sound Card : Sigmatel with Creative Audigy Sound Blaster enhancement
OS : Vista


30-06-2008 07:16:08

Well I narrowed it down a bit more. I got my Sound Card to be selected as the Device.

So the problem lies in the reading to wav files. As I understand from the other threads earlier ogreAL was dependent on alut for reading wav files. Is there anyone who has the earlier libraries which still have these dependencies. I have not been able to do this with the present libraries.

I also tried to use the FMOD wrapper but that did not work either, still I would prefer to use OpenAL.