OgreAL Basic Demo Runtime error


10-07-2008 12:42:27

Hi, i have finaly managed to compile OgreAL but i seem to have a problem running the demos. The demos do compile but when i run the exe it gives a runtime debug error: This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way

Please this is urgent and your help is most appreciated. Thanx!


09-08-2008 13:23:12

I have the same problem ! The OgreAl Demos complie well , but when I run anyone of them ,it throws out an expection. Maybe it's caused by the path of materials. My Demoes work well now,but I have to separate them from my original bin directory , or it throws out expection again.
So,I have two bin dirctories to run the exe file , one is for the orginal project, another is for the OgreAL. My directories look like this:


I tried to mass the two media dictories ,just failed.
I am seriously confused,anyone can help me ?