Material Properties: transparency


22-07-2008 17:25:49


I posted the following in the mogre forum, but nobody could help me. Maybee it is possible in Ogre and possible to transfer the solution to mogre...

for step one a found a way, but I need help for two and three...

1. I would like to create a Plane in Mogre und display a picture on it.

2. Also I like to make the picture transparence by some value
like: Bild1.setTranspareny(value)

3. And I like to tell the picture this color (e.g. #ff11a3) specified the transparence area.
like: Bild1.setTransparenceColor("#ff11a3")

Is there someone with some expierence of the tasks I like to do???


22-07-2008 17:40:01

one thing...

how can I specify a color to a material?


24-07-2008 12:12:50

This is a sub-forum for a sound library.

I suggest you go to the main Ogre3D forum, probably the "Help" board would be the right place to ask this question: