115 Revision compiling Problem


01-09-2008 06:01:44

Hi guys I´m afraid that 115 revision can´t compile anymore... I'm using Visual Studio 8...
I'm getting this kind of error
definition of dllimport static data member not allowed

The 112 Revision compiled OK but it has a Bug that crash the application when the sound is reloaded... (In demos)


07-10-2008 22:27:10

I've the same problem


08-10-2008 09:50:03

Make sure you remove the $(BOOST_ROOT) directory paths from the project settings if your not using threads or you don't have BOOST installed..

Also try the OgreAL.proj file in the sub-directory instead of the solution file..


08-10-2008 11:15:28

I've downloaded your ogreoggsound. I've red your post and saw that you upgrade it very often.

After 3 hours, I succeed to compile it. Now I'm trying to integrate it into my project, I'm hoping that you update it very often, unlike ogreal :(


08-10-2008 12:16:26

Well its certainly an actively maintained project which OgreAL currently isn't, so thankyou for trying my lib out, any probs just shout.