04-02-2009 10:55:36

I am having problems getting OgreAL::Sound to unpause, when I call Sound::pause() the sound stops but later on a call to Sound::play() restarts the sound from the beginning instead of continuing from the position it was paused on.
What am I doing wrong ?


04-02-2009 15:02:57

you have to take care that you create your sound as a streamed sound...

OgreAL::Sound* sound = soundManager->createSound("Sound", "sound2.ogg",false,true);

its the second option, as the declaration looks like this...

OgreAL::Sound* createSound(const Ogre::String &name, const Ogre::String &filename, bool loop = false, bool stream = false) ; by default stream is always turned off and therefore you cannot resume your sound, thus you have to take care of that on your own ;)


05-02-2009 17:09:33

Thats a bug, I think theres a code snippet somewhere on the forum to fix it, I remember somewhere the sound gets stopped which resets its position back to the beginning, it should really pause().