28-02-2009 07:20:26

Greetings all,
Casey (the developer of OgreAL) has kindly allowed me to become a contributor to the project. I will be committing some patches soon. If you find a bug in OgreAL, or if there is an outstanding bug that you know of that hasn't been fixed and you don't have a patch for, please (re)post it. The reason for the re-posting of previously posted bugs is that it is difficult for me to figure out whether i am chasing the tail of a cat that's already been annihilated; figuratively speaking, of course. I am using OgreAL for a project of mine and simply want as many bugs ironed out as possible before my project is released. As i'm sure most of you guys are also looking for the same, in terms of software quality, our mutual bug reporting will benefit everyone. Patches are most welcome, but bug reports are welcome as well. I am very happy to hunt down bugs and fix things... oh! and testcases displaying the bugs are heaps useful if you can provide them; standard stuff, really... being obvious for the sake of unambiguity.