Compiling OgreAL.dll


03-03-2009 14:17:30


I finally compiled OgreAL (and got ogreal_d.dll) and used it for my project in debug mode..

now that i'm trying to switch to release mode, i'm getting this error while trying to compile ogreal (in order to get ogreal.dll) in release mode...

1>OgreALOggSound.obj : error LNK2001: Nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol ""__declspec(dllimport) public: static void __cdecl Ogre::NedAllocPolicy::deallocateBytes(void *)" (__imp_?deallocateBytes@NedAllocPolicy@Ogre@@SAXPAX@Z)".

so he's complaining about an unresolved external symbol, but why? in debug mode everything works fine but in release mode this error appears...i'm really stuck right now...


03-03-2009 17:23:49

looks like you are compiling one in shoggoth and not the another one.. but im not sure


03-03-2009 18:29:53 we tried it on vista on another pc and it worked, but don't ask me why ;)

thanks for your help!


07-04-2010 04:34:21

I came across same problem, but i need to work on winXP.
The error says that the application using both importing and exporing dll.
To work in XP how can i overcome that error.

thanks in advance.


14-04-2010 00:35:11

Ok, i'll have a look at this soon. I have no internet at the moment at home.


05-06-2010 05:02:09

I have had a look at this and I think you're mixing release and debug. Release and debug symbols in windows are different. Please ensure that when you choose /MT, /MD, /MTd or /MDd, you stick with it for the entire project, including all dependencies. Windows will sometimes link with inconsistent libraries, but results will vary.