test GLESX but not use Hardware APIs


26-10-2007 02:29:00

This idea comes from GenericBum. And we can use it to test GLESX effectively. I have compiled GLESX successfully by using Vincent and Hardware APIs separately. But both of the results are wrong(There are some big triangles in screen. While using sample Empty, the PDA screen is totally blue). I think there must be some error in texture loading or sth. else.
We can use Vincent to test the GLESX implementation and find out bugs. So don't care whether our PDAs own Hardware Acceleration Capabilities or not, everybody can participate in it and I think we can get satisfying result quickly.


31-10-2007 12:33:05

Hello, has anyone fixed up or found out bugs of the GLESX RenderSystem? :)
GenericBum, can you help us mend it? :wink: I think there is only some little bugs, but I can't do it by myself because I'm not so clear about its bottom implementation while you had much experience on RenderSystem.