how choose the RenderSystem


17-12-2007 15:07:13

Hi all!

I've read that there are different ways to render the scene but, how can I choose it?. I've changed the ogre.cfg, where the Render System is indicated, but I don't see any difference in the render.

Could you help me?



03-01-2008 10:50:36

As you probably know, Ogre is a module-based egine, so we have to tell to the Ogre Engine, which RenderSystem it has to use.
There's a file named Plugins.cfg, in which are displayed all the plugins (or modules) that will be loaded during the Engine startup.

So, firts of all, you have to build the module. For that, copy the RenderSystem to the directory "Ogre_WinCE/RenderSystems". Open the Ogre_vc8_wince.sln solution file, and just add the project to it. Then just build it: adjust the include directories, and the library directories (download the vincent implementation of OpenGL ES from sourceforge). Finally, copy the generated dll (RenderSystem_Vincent_d.dll) to the StorageCard/Ogre directory of the PDA. Also copy the libGLES_CM.dll file.

And now, just edit the file Plugins.cfg: comment all the rendersystems, and put a new line with the new one:

And that's all.
Please, if any doubt, feel free to ask.



03-01-2008 11:11:19

Thanks for your answer,

But when I build it I have this error:

1>.\src\OgreEGLEngineDll.cpp(39) : error C2491: 'Ogre::dllStartPlugin' : definition of dllimport function not allowed
1>.\src\OgreEGLEngineDll.cpp(47) : error C2491: 'Ogre::dllStopPlugin' : definition of dllimport function not allowed



03-01-2008 11:39:36

Well, I built in Release mode (all projects), so it could be because of that?

I'm going to try in debug mode.


03-01-2008 11:48:35

Yes, I think that the release mode was not configured correctly...
I've only tried in debug mode.

Good Luck!


08-01-2008 10:32:24


Now it works, but it is very strange because I have to use the dlls of the release mode: DevIL, Ilu and libGLES_CM. If I use the dlls of the debug mode, it doesn't work.

Anyway, thanks for your help Roberto :)