Some questions


08-01-2008 10:48:04

Hi everyone!

I have some questions about Ogre Pocket PC.

Which exporter do you use for your models? I have used oFusion but the objects without texture doesn't appear in my PDA. If I load them with the PC version, they are rendered fine.

Does Ogre Pocket PC have support for Z-buffer? I'm trying to load severeal objects, but it doesnt work well.

Thanks for all.


08-01-2008 11:38:51

Hi there!
Check the version of the OgreWinCE MeshSerializer (I think is the 1.3 version), and compare it to the version of the exporter.

Good Luck!


08-01-2008 16:21:30


Is the same version for both, the MeshSerializer and the exporter. I have tried to export the object with OgreMax and this exporter use the version 1.4. OgrePocket PC says the object could not be loaded.

I do not understand why the objects without texture are not seen, but if they take it they see.

I will continue testing and I will tell you.

Best regards