What steps to use quickgui ?


28-06-2009 09:06:29

Last night I read some posts about qgui, and downloaded & unzipped it tonight.

Went to the playpen and clicked the proj there, just tried to compile and received an error, no winres.h file. So, I searched my computer and I do not have that. Where do I find it?

But my real question is where is a list of instructions to use this software? The wiki, only speaks of the code for vs c++ and ogre.

What am I supposed to do with all the files that were downloaded? The playpen? the editor.exe that doesnt run?

Im so confused. I found no docs in the download to provide any clues how it fits together.

Thank you in advance. I was really excited to try this after reading some of the authors post.

Seems it would be faster all the way around, except the how to parts. :?

Edit: Next day am, snooped around and started a text file including my adventures in quickGui.

I was thinking I could post it here for others that venture into quickgui, it might save them some frustrations.

Well if anyone can give some explainations about using the editor, (inputs, processes, outputs)I would be more than happy to document it in the wiki beginning with:

1. After you download the system.....



28-06-2009 19:39:43

The winres is a windows specific problem. I remember running into it, but don't really remember the problem I had or what the solution was, I basically googled it. If I remember right, there is no winres.h file on Vista platform, and the name of the file changed. Maybe posting your error would reveal more about the issue.

As to the rest of your post.. are you able to build Ogre? It kind of sounds like you want step by step instructions on how to use visual studio to build a project. QuickGUi isn't any different than any other library, I would suggest following the wiki tutorial explaining how to build Ogre from source, and use that knowledge to apply to building QuickGUI. If you have specific errors when building QuickGUI, post them and we can figure out what went wrong.


29-06-2009 04:19:03

OH, ty for your reply, I really hated to bother you, was really hoping someone else had some explanations.

Yep, sure can compile ogre etc. No not looking for step by step to use vs, giggles.

AM looking for explaination of your EDITOR. What goes in? what comes out? I understand the explanations of the other docs/explanations, although I havent implemented any of it yet.

I did not ask you how to use vs, nor did I ask you how to use ogre. So your response mytifies me. I mentioned winres error when I compiled your code, and added that wasnt what I was really after, but docs for using your new editor.

Which you dont say anything about?

I tried it again and added a console box, tried to scale it larger, to half the screen and it turned into something else. Saved it, but could never find where it saved to to see the output (thinking I would understand if I read the output files).

If I cant use the editor then, I will just use a different gui. Probably not cegui either as they have no docs for the editor either. lol. Its a funny thing, you both have a forum, and docs for using/creating the inputs/lib etc, but then nothing about the editors.

You see, when I used to code, documentation was a requirement (code and user), but it was a long time ago.

But I do realize the editors were done afterwards. Thats why I said if i had some help, id be happy to document it for you in the wiki.

I understand you have just built the editor, which looks great, but as above, how do you use it? What and where does it save to? Another member here (jacomoe sp?) said he loved the editor, and only used it, so I thought I could too:

I am on xp, not vista with regards to the winres Ill google it, good idea.Here is the error: .\res\QuickGUISkinSetEditor.rc(10) : fatal error RC1015: cannot open include file 'winres.h'.

Edit: replace winres.h with WinResrc.h according to
http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums ... 034bca9d69


29-06-2009 05:43:11

Also, why does the editor crash/close when you try to load a file and it cant find it?

Edit: whoops I see from a post earlier this month, the editor just isnt finished... makes sense now. No worries. :)


29-06-2009 18:43:37

Hm, it looks like maybe I misinterpretted your post, my apologies. The Editor isn't completed, and its still coming along, although at a pace slower then I would like. I believe saving a sheet places a .sheet file in the \user\sheets folder. About the crashing when loading a file that isn't there, I still need to make the editor a lot more robust and polished, there are still lots of things I'd like to do to make it useable.

Sorry about the lack of replies, had a friends wedding this last weekend, so didn't get around to doing too much coding. :(

I'm starting to ramp up on the editor again, so any issue reports are welcome. I will make another release Wednesday or so, and start hitting the editor quite a bit, at least until it can be used in some fashion. :lol:


29-06-2009 21:19:00

Oh, cool. No worries about posting... it was a weekend, heck, I thought you were really fast anyway.

Ok, here is one thing... run the editor and add a console. Now drag it to the width of the window, then drag it down....

And just one question... err group of questions...If I set up something in the editor and it saved correctly, and I used it, in the same resolution, would it look the same?

I cant code well enough in C++ or I would help out with the editor, maybe one day. But it will probably be done by then :D

Its summer, have fun.....


29-06-2009 22:37:30

LOL! Apparently I didn't anchor the TextBox correctly, and the skin doesn't Tile properly. Thats another thing I kind of like about the Editor, I hope it continues to expose various things I forgot to add.

About the resolution question, everything is positioned and resized according to the anchoring system. The wiki tutorial here will explain how it works.

The Sheet size is independent of resolution, you can have a small Sheet on a large RenderWindow, or a sheet larger than your RenderWindow. Widgets will behave according to its parent's dimensions.


29-06-2009 23:07:46

Giggles, thanks for info, good luck.


30-06-2009 06:57:50

Console issue was easy enough to solve, fixed in SVN, will be in next release: