Couple of question..


09-09-2009 08:01:32

Hi,i started using QuickGUI in C# version,for Mogre,but when i create all the window and the rest,mouse cursor isn't on top?

1) Do you know how to set all the window behind mouse cursor?
2) How can i drag window,widget? or make it draggable?
3) How to set alignment of widget? Left,Right,Center,Top and so



09-09-2009 19:02:12

I don't maintain the C# version of QuickGUI, I don't know if its up to date with the latest release available. As of the latest version I can confirm the mouse cursor is always on top of Windows. By default the mouse cursor is drawn last on the screen, so I don't see how it can be drawn behind quickGUI windows.

2. According to latest code:

* Set whether or not this widget can be dragged by the mouse cursor.
virtual void setDragable(bool dragable);

3. Alignment of Widgets are set using the Anchoring properties. They are outlined in this wiki tutorial: ... Tutorial_3


10-09-2009 07:38:07

Would be possible for you to see why is drawn behhind windows?
here is the svn repository: ... MQuickGUI/ and the wiki link:

I would like very much to use you GUI,so please help me out!



13-09-2009 16:15:25

Sorry boyamer, my projects are all C++, and it would take me quite a while to build and use the Mogre version and then maintain it. If you could update Mogre to use the latest QuickGUI release, there shouldn't be any drawing issues like you've described.