(9.07) Alpha channel on windows


13-09-2009 19:15:03

Sorry for the barrage of questions and concerns.

The skin I'm trying to integrate has a drop-shadow around the lower-right edge of the main window type, and parts of the body of the window are like 20% see-through so you can see what's going on behind them. The alpha channel in the png, however, appears to just interpolate between the pixel colour and white (so 100% transparent will become white). PNG alpha works fine on buttons btw. Is that normal?


13-09-2009 20:36:09

Fixed! I looked into this and was able to reproduce, basically the Brush::clear method was clearing the current render target and setting all the pixels to the color the brush was set to (normally white unless people change this), but it really should be setting the render target to 100% transparent.

mRenderSystem->clearFrameBuffer(Ogre::FBT_COLOUR, Ogre::ColourValue(0,0,0,0));


13-09-2009 21:45:06

Indeed it is fixed. Thank you!