Mouse cursor glitch in 9.10


29-10-2009 14:48:06

There's a mouse cursor glitch in version 9.10 that doesn't seem to exist in the previous versions. Specifically, it seems like the mouse cursor is being resized by 1 pixel, leading smooth lines to have a kink in them. I'd post a screenshot, but it's clearly visible in the release screenshot for 9.10 as compared to 9.09.

I've also tested this with a cursor I created myself, so it's not an image-specific problem. It's also not limited to odd/even sized images, as the bug occurs for both. It's really rather unsightly, so I hope it'll get fixed at some point.


29-10-2009 19:42:13

Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look at it.


01-11-2009 18:31:11

Hm, I can't tell what could be causing this. You're right in the 9.09 screenshot the mouse does look normal. It doesn't make sense the mouse is having thise weird distortion... I haven't changed any code related to drawing the cursor. I'll keep looking/thinking about what the problem could be.


01-11-2009 23:31:40

Ok so I reverted to QuickGUI 9.09 and ... the mouse cursor is still drawn badly! The only thing that has changed is Ogre. Something in Ogre HEAD has caused the rendering of quads to be less clear. Also note that there is no filtering done on the mouse cursor, it 'should' be drawn exactly as seen in the texture. (This is not the case.. maybe the method to setting the filtering has changed?)

I hope the issue goes away when Ogre 1.7 is released. If not, I'll have to investigate Ogre's rendering and why its changed. The cursor artifact you see is not caused by any changes I have made in QuickGUI.


22-04-2010 06:17:16

I am using QuickGUI 10.1 along with Ogre 1.6.5. I am also seeing a cursor distortion like the one described above and I am really not sure how to fix it. Any suggestions? I can post screenshots if you are interested...