QuickGUI and Ogre 1.4


06-11-2009 14:10:27

I use Ogre 1.4.5 in one of my applications and I would like to use QuickGUi to add some nice widgets. I wanted to compile a dll of QuickGUI but it seems the 0.9.10 version do not work with Ogre 1.4.5. Does someone know which version I should use (I read that 0.9.5 should work, and most of it where I can find it. it seems that all the old versions are not downloadable anymore... And just to precise, I'm working on windows...
I would prefer not to upgrade Ogre if I can, as I have a lot of other things to do on this project and this is not a priority...

Thanks a lot!



06-11-2009 17:50:48

While QuickGUI is relatively stable, its author KungFooMasta still puts large amounts of time and effort into its development, so anything you obtain from back then will likely be buggy and broken with the respect to the tutorials and the current release. I'm not sure exactly how old Ogre 1.4 is, but there has been so much done in the last six months alone that I would be surprised if many of the wiki tutorials work for it, and not many people will have the time to help you out with that obsolete a version.

That said, if you still want to go through with this, your best bet would probably be going back through SVN to find a build that works and using that. I just wouldn't recommend it.


06-11-2009 19:43:36

I believe the main differences I had to make from 1.4 to 1.6 were in the Brush class (how the GUI is actually drawn using the Ogre RenderSystem class). I don't remember what I had written back then. Can you post the errors you get building with 1.4.5? I also agree with Calder, I wouldn't recommend using older versions, each new version fixes a lot of bugs and makes good improvements.


09-11-2009 07:35:24

Ok. I will test if using the last Ogre version is not easier then :p
Thanks for the answers,


25-11-2009 16:03:09

It was finally easier to upgrade Ogre. It took me some time as it was not a priority but it works fine now. Anyway I have some other problems, but it will be in a new thread if I don't manage to solve it quickly :p
Thanks for the help