09-03-2010 12:12:29

I am currently updating to the current version of QuickGUI (from rev 900-something). It seems that we are running into some API-incompatibility again. :(

The mouse cursor handling seemed to have changed. I vaguely remember reading something about it in the forum (will search later).

But my real problem is the setUpdateEveryFrame function of QuickGUI::Image. Looks like it is gone.


09-03-2010 18:50:55

Sorry, a while back I removed that because I felt in practice is was taking up too much performance. Instead we have the following Image API:

* Sets the amount of time before the Image will be redrawn.
* NOTE: A value of 0 or less will prevent the Image from being redrawn automatically.
* NOTE: This also causes the Images parent window to be re-drawn, which can be costly.
* The main use for this is for RTT. (Render to Texture)
void setUpdatePeriod(float periodInSeconds);

Now you can specify how often you want the Image (RTT for example) to be updated, in terms of time, not frames.

Don't really remember the MouseCursor changes, I believe I made it accessible through the Sheet widget, and MouseCursor properties are actually Sheet properties. This means that each Sheet defines how the cursor looks or behaves.