ButtonDesc unhandled exception


17-03-2010 10:19:55

Still trying to update my code. Managed to get the code to the point where it starts to build the UI, but now I get the following error when trying to get a pointer to a ButtonDesc object:

Unhandled exception at 0x7587b727 in Sentinel.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: QuickGUI::Exception at memory location 0x0018e538

Here's the code itself:

ButtonDesc* desc=QuickGUI::DescManager::getSingletonPtr()->getDefaultButtonDesc();


17-03-2010 18:54:57

I don't see anything wrong with that code, other than not having "QuickGUI::" in front of "ButtonDesc". Are you able to put a breakpoint inside the getDefaultButtonDesc function?


17-03-2010 22:38:04

*THUNK as head meets desk*

There isn't anything wrong with the code. For some reason, the break happened after the line with the error in it... no, I don't understand, either. I know what the error is, though: it's a line that uses the old QG skinning API.


There is no such skintype, so it throws the exception. And here was me looking at the line Visual Studio actually told me was at fault instead of the line before. Catch me doing that again...

... I'll just curl up in a corner here and be quiet, eh? :oops: :oops: :oops:


17-03-2010 23:24:04