Slight pause using images


30-03-2010 21:16:30


It's been a quiet week, I haven't asked anything! Better change that :P :lol:

In my UI I have a credits page and it uses three images. I've noticed that the first time I open up the page there's a slight delay before the crossfade begins. I can only assume this is down to QG loading resources or such, though the UI is laid out programmatically before anything is shown on screen. I was just wondering what might cause it, and if it would be possible to force loading of the images so this doesn't happen.



31-03-2010 22:21:16

Yah, its probably due to resource loading. One thing you can try to mitigate this is to put the images into a separate Ogre resource group, and fully load the resources into memory before the page displays. The other approach would be for me to make a function that would forcefully update the Window/Sheet via API call, even if its not visible. Honestly I haven't touched QuickGUI in some time, been focusing on my game project. :)

What you're asking for is legitimate. Try loading the resource group and see if that changes anything:



01-04-2010 00:42:08

*chuckles* Hey, it's okay. We all have other projects. I myself have about 5 novels, 3 short stories, 1 collection of short stories, 2 books of poetry and 3 plays kicking around the place. And several games, and a navmesh, and...

... mind you, the navmesh is on hold, since it's a university project and hasn't been graded yet. :P

And, to be honest, I've been focussing on my game, too. For the very latest, check out </really shameless plug>

Anyway, I'll try what you suggest. It's not a "major issue", but it is a noticeable pause and it - eh. You know. :-)