Vertical TextBox


02-06-2010 05:44:50

Is it possible to have vertical Textbox?

Like simple horizantal textbox with some text, rotated 90 deg about its axis{with all text rotated to 90 deg}

- Thanks


03-06-2010 01:06:30

Currently only the Image widget supports rotation. I can see about adding this in the next version of QuickGUI. What scenario are you trying to achieve?


03-06-2010 07:24:56

It is for my application in which vertical screen (Vertical LCD screen) needs to be used.

When is the next version coming out ?


03-06-2010 17:33:11

I'm not sure, I'm re-writing QuickGUI (for the last time!) and adding quite a lot of new features. I'm guessing in a month it will be usable, but the widget set might not be the same as it is currently, just due to the fact that QuickGUI has so many widgets and they take time to re-implement. Also for a rotated textbox, the text cursor would also have to be rotated, I'd need to make sure my solution covers that scenario. It might be really difficult actually...

If there are other solutions that already provide the functionality you need, you might consider looking into them, since I can't gaurantee any time frames here. Time is very limited! :)


04-06-2010 06:40:46

I understand this is rare scenario.

We can do with printing value in Vertical Label/TextArea
Is it possible to have Vertical Label ? Where it just prints the text provided { Vertical text }?

Except this thing, there aren't much{big} thing to do in GUI for our application. But I'll also take a look at other solutions.


04-06-2010 18:15:36

A rotated Label should be easy to do, I will implement it when I get to the Label class, right now I'm still working on the fundamental widgets, like the Window class.