Making Unicode characters be rendered


31-07-2010 01:05:05

I'm trying to make QuickGUI 10.1 display supplement Latin chars (through Unicode). I've set the required code points in GUIManager as described in

The chars are actually added to the text box when I type, but they are invisible (and 0 size). I can see the chars are added because they require backslashes to be rid of, and I traced through breakpoint on injectChar just to be sure as well. I know for sure the .ttf fonts I'm using have these characters, so there must be something left out in the documentation (on that wiki article ).


01-08-2010 10:17:35

What code points are being returned from the injectChar function? Its hard to tell what the problem would be without stepping through the code to see why no texture uv coords are being returned for the characters.