QuickGUI 10.1 fonts not found


14-08-2010 23:04:46

I'm using Ogre 1.7.1, i compiled QuickGUI against it and i put qgui.core.zip in the resource folder of Ogre... and added the line to resource.cfg to load the zip.
I initialize all resource groups but when i start Ogre, QuickGUI complains that it cannot find the fonts.
I've followed the wiki to initialize QuickGUI.. and i'm registering the script reader before initializing the groups.. and i know from the log that the zip is read, so why it still cannot find the fonts?


16-08-2010 08:52:36

Solved, it was a stupid thing.. i was calling the QuickGUI initialization before intializing resources -.-.


16-08-2010 21:21:44

Glad you got it working!