MouseCursor pointer


18-08-2010 20:23:07

So how I get a pointer to MouseCursor from a Sheet class ??

I can set the skinType and others from the Sheet class, like this
I think it's the right way :D

But what about this one ?
I need to get this mGUIManager->getMouseCursor()->getClipOnEdges() in the new version of QuickGUI...


20-08-2010 16:16:03

No one ?

Can someone at list give me an ideea how to change this
in the new version of QuickGUI ??
There is no addCursorEventHandler function in MouseCursor now...


20-08-2010 21:41:26

Sorry, I read the thread and was planning on coming back to it, but forgot. I just checked the code base, and it seems there is no way to access the mouse cursor directly. :oops:

Honestly I'm surprised somebody is using the auto clipping functionality I wrote, wasn't sure if people needed it. I think in the future the best route to take is to check the cursor position as you inject them into the UI, and hide the mouse as appropriate. In the next version I will put out the Mouse Cursor will be accessible.