10.9 Update


31-08-2010 23:19:04

Hi all, just some info on the next release; won't be spread out like the previous 10.1 to 10.8 releases. I am planning on taking a break from QuickGUI development after 10.9, so I hope to make the next release fairly soon.

Widgets in SVN:
- VScrollBar
- HScrollBar
- CheckBox
- RadioButton

Remaining Widgets:
- TextArea
- Console

Other work:
- Resizing and Dragging (current work, dragging looks to be completed)
- Scrolling support

Things I'm aware of but might not get to in this release:
- Menu implementation
- ComboBox (because of Menu implementation)
- List

The Menu implementation is tricky because of support for 2d and 3d. I want to write a generic solution that would work regardless of the ComboBox DropDown List or Menu being on an Overlay or UIPanel. I realize ComboBox is one of the more useful Widgets, but it doesn't fit the priority of the release.


31-08-2010 23:36:09

How long a break are you planning on? Just so people don't, you know, panic. :P


31-08-2010 23:52:29

well I'll still look at the forums and help people, but I wouldn't expect any releases for a month or two. :P

Nothing serious, just a change from current pace, cranking out stuff daily, haha.


01-09-2010 09:55:28

Nothing serious, just a change from current pace, cranking out stuff daily, haha.
I really, really don't want to know about that sort of thing... :lol:

Anyway... really, many thanks for the work. :-) It is appreciated by all. :-)


02-09-2010 03:25:52

Seconded! (On both counts! ;-))


02-09-2010 09:42:10

Seconded! (On both counts! ;-))
I love this forum. Great code, ready and willing and able support, AND a mutual appreciation society, all in one place...

*happy sigh*



03-09-2010 21:55:05


Actually I've recently wanted to try and make a game using XNA for WP7. But I haven't even created a project yet. :(

Kind of makes me wish I could easily translate the C++ QuickGUI lib into a duplicated C# one, to bind to XNA framework and see what happens.