Upgraded to 10.1 now my (dot)sheets are screwy


10-09-2010 07:24:47

I upgraded to 10.1 from a build that didn't have number pad support (so about a year or so old)

Everything compiles fine, but now none of my .sheet files look correct. And I really dont' want to redo them all. (The game is built entirely around GUI, there are crap loads of sheet files)

I was wondering if the older versions of quickgui were still accessible, and where could I find them? I only updated because I had the need for number pad support.
If need be I'll revert back and butcher my older copy for the numpad support. So no need to go out on a limb for me :)



11-09-2010 21:05:51

Hm, dunno what the issue is. I switched web hosts a few months back and I don't have a copy of the older versions.. sorry. :(


13-09-2010 08:17:42

No worries, it's an easy fix on my part.

Thanks Kungfoo