06-11-2010 03:02:11

Hi, looking around at guis at the moment. Just thought I'd mention that the wiki has QuickGui listed as LGPL, but I think it's MIT, isn't it? The LGPL actually put me off, the only reason I double checked is because elsewhere I thought I'd seen MIT mentioned.

Here's where I saw the (incorrect?) license, ... =Libraries

Edit: Ah, while I'm here... The "Quick" in QuickGui... does that mean it renders quick, or that it's quick to set up? I'm after something easy to setup, I'm not too fussed about render speed.


06-11-2010 18:45:42

QuickGUI 10.8 and later are indeed MIT. If you want quick and easy to set up, I would recommend either using QuickGUI 10.1 (pre-rewrite, but lacking some really nifty features) or grabbing a copy from trunk. KFM's been slaving away at other things for the past two months or so and hasn't been able to push all the changes into an official release yet, but it's at quite a stable point if I remember correctly. The reason I wouldn't recommend 10.8 for "quick an dirty" is that it's missing the QuickGUIOgrePlatform library that includes all the bindings for the Ogre render system. In 10.8, these files are still included with the QuickGUIOgreDemo application, but require a small bit of understanding and effort to integrate. Also, what platform are you on?