Skin type manager issue please help


15-11-2010 23:50:29

Hello does anyone know what OGRE EXCEPTION(22): Skin TYPE does not exist for class "Mouse Cursor" and type"default"! in Skin Type Manager::getSkinType? Where would skin type manager be located?


16-11-2010 00:37:48

What version of QuickGUI?


16-11-2010 00:40:19



16-11-2010 00:41:38

Oh gosh, I think you may have to wait for KFM on that one, sorry.


07-12-2010 21:57:53

Probably barking up the wrong tree, but... You're not using a version of the qgui.skinTypes definition file from an earlier version of QuickGUI, are you? I seem to recall there were some changes to the way things were defined.

I think what could be happening is that the skinTypeManager is looking for the default definition of MouseCursor and not finding it, so it can't use it, so it throws an error as this case probably won't be tested for on the grounds that KFM assumed, while writing the code, that nobody would be without a default mouse cursor ;-) Either that, or the SkinElement definition is missing.

If you open up qgui.skinTypes and look through, there should be an entry that looks something like this:
MouseCursor default
SkinElement texture
Border_Bottom 0
Border_Left 0
Border_Right 0
Border_Top 0
Texture Reticle.png
TileBackground false
TileBorders false