QuickGUI github


09-12-2015 20:03:39

Hello everyone,

As we can see QuickGUI is pretty much dead. Links to 10.1 branches are dead etc.

Since I actively use QuickGUI, I went ahead and took it upon my self to open up a git repo with the source code.
I've added 9.10, 10.1, and a fork I call 9.11 that I use in GearCity (Includes some bug fixes and minor features to 9.10 branch.)

You can find 9.10 on the first comment to master branch, 9.11 is master, and 10.1 has it's own branch.
Please note 9.10 is missing build files, I've included my build files for 9.11, they will need to be edited for your use. 10.1 has the default build files.

You can find the code here: https://github.com/VisualEntertainmentA ... T-QuickGUI

I do not recommend using QuickGUI in new projects. This repo is mainly for those of you who have older projects/code using QuickGUI. It's still usable in 1.x series.
If you're starting a new project, check out MyGUI or CEGUI...



11-03-2016 06:21:20

Thanks for this, I'm resuming work on an old project and needed QuickGUI.