static textbox


20-06-2007 10:01:52


in my application i want to implement a console window with QuickGUI. So i thought to create a window an add a small textbox on the bottom. But is there a widget to draw several lines of text? A spezial readonly textbox or so :p

Maybe i'm blind but i think the normal textbox only allows one line of text.

Thanks for the great GUI


20-06-2007 10:16:56

You're right. I've been neglecting Text related widgets, since I always find other things to work on.

I think I remember seeing a post on "Using Ogre in Practice" showing somebody's implementation of a console window. It's something I do want to add eventually. If I finish the TextBox Widget and implement a MultiLineTextBox I can use the two and create a Console widget. Maybe I can work on this after v0.9.5, but nothing is certain. :)


21-06-2007 12:51:05

year a MultiLineTextBox would be great ;)


25-06-2007 17:23:55

I too am looking forward to a MultiLineTextBox of some sort. Great project by the way -- I am enjoying QuickGUI immensely.