Scrollbar in QuickGUI


03-07-2007 18:48:06

Hey Kungfoomasta -

I'm working on an MMO project, and we decided two days ago to rid our code of CEGUI and begin incorporating QuickGUI. Good job with the library so far!

Our UI is already looking decent - I'll try to post a screenshot when we get something close to our mockups.

Anyway, I was wondering if there will be a scrollbar widget anytime soon, or if the implementation is buried in another widet right now that I could use.

Thanks - looking forward to working with QuickGUI.


03-07-2007 21:51:31

The ScrollBar widget has been a popular request. I do plan on implementing it sometime. In my mind, the scrollbar widget is a widget that doesn't exist on its own, it must be bundled in with another widget. (king of like TitleBar widget with Windows) The only real container widget I have right now is the Panel widget, but that is enough to create the ScrollBar widget. I will think about it in the background.. :wink: