Latest QuickGUIv0.9.5v2 does not work?


15-07-2007 14:16:26

I am download this version: ...

Why in this file example code is commented.
If I am uncomment example code? I have a bug: application allocate more than 1GB memory and not work.

This version is not work?


15-07-2007 23:03:02

From the sticky thread you can see that v2 only makes some fixes and minor additions to the library. Everything should still be working, and definately not consume 1GB of hard drive space. I need more information, "not work" doesn't mean much to me. Debug the application. What line does it crash on? Are you sure you updated all files?


15-07-2007 23:11:02

No. Application does not crashed!

After I am run application it begin load textures all PNG textures load very slow.
I thought that application is hung's, but after open task manager I view that application allocate more than 1 GB memory.

I am view log file. Last line in this file is information about lastes loaded PNG file, I am wait 30 seconds. Application load's 3 PNG textures. And allocate 1.3 GB momery.


16-07-2007 00:16:24

You're being very unhelpful. Could you post a log? A scrap of code that you suspect might be triggering the problem?