Remove Ogre overlay


18-07-2007 19:27:17

kungfoomasta, why are you planning to detach QuickGUI from Ogre overlay? What are you planning tu use instead?



18-07-2007 23:04:33

I will use a managed Vertex Buffer that creates quads that will replace overlayPanelElement and TextAreaOverlayElement objects. I have to do my own rendering using a RenderOperation object.


19-07-2007 07:45:30

The main reason for this change is increasing performance, the way that goal is reached is by reducing the batch counts that need to be rendered for the UI.


19-07-2007 14:24:45

Thank you for the answers, folks.



28-07-2007 01:08:42

There is also an overlay problem with overlay names being held-onto by Ogre after QuickGUI is deleted right now, and then creating conflicts when QuickGUI is recreated and creates overlays with the same name, which I hope (pray?) won't be an issue with the new system?

(P.S. if it is still an issue, perhaps this could easily be resolved by transparently appending and removing a string like QG1 for first time QuickGUI was created, QG2 for second, etc., to all object names actually given to Ogre? then when names are passed back to the user, remove these so the names are exactly what they gave... That should prevent conflicts between QG runs. BUT, I'm thinking that without the overlays, the resource system will be pretty much/totally bypassed anyway?)



28-07-2007 01:21:11

I do have identifiers for my RenderObjects, but I do not explicitly enforce unique names, even if they should be.

The solution is to have proper maintanence, including creation and cleanup, so that we don't have these issues. If I can reproduce it on my end, I will fix it.

As of v0.9.6 you can forget about anything related to overlays, they are irrelevant. :)