ogre 1.4.3 and QuickGUI


18-07-2007 21:35:53

What version of ogre could we use with quickgui??

Cause i'm had compiled the source of ogre, last version, and quickgui last version and i had 115 memory leaks...



18-07-2007 22:51:41

Hmm.. I'm using Ogre 1.4.3 with 0.9.5v2 of QuickGUI, but I am using the Ogre Precompiled SDK. Perhaps something is wrong with the way you are building Ogre from source?


18-07-2007 22:58:34

Yes, i do a mistake.. :lol:

I download the head version of ogre wich is v1.5.0 in development... :oops:


Now i'm gonna compile the source and test with the last quickgui version!!!


19-07-2007 02:54:56

It could be the case that there are memory leaks in the code, I will have to look into that. However, since v0.9.6 will have vastly different foundation than v0.9.5, it would be a waste of time for me to investigate and fix these for a version that will soon be replaced. :wink: