caracter not supported


01-08-2007 19:13:01

Kunfoomasta, i have a problem with the "~", "ç", "´", "`"

I think the library don't have support for this caracters?!?

Cause, when i have string's with this caracters i have exception...

How can i correct this?!?


01-08-2007 19:30:17

You have to use a font (TrueType .ttf font) that supports those characters. Also, you have to make sure OIS fires an event for those keys, so that it injects those characters into QuickGUI. In my demo I think I limited the character injection to alpha-numeric keys, so you'll have to change that.

So 2 things you will have to look into:
1) Are you using a .ttf that supports those characters
2) Is OIS recognizing those keys, and injecting those characters into QuickGUI?