crash in


20-08-2007 16:27:37

i just tried to implement quickgui in my app but it crashes in this method:

MouseCursor* GUIManager::createMouseCursor(const Ogre::Vector2& dimensions)
>>>> Ogre::String material = "qgui.pointer";

return createMouseCursor(dimensions,material);

OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): Could not find material qgui.pointer in OverlayElement::setMaterialName at c:\ogrenew\ogremain\src\ogreoverlayelement.cpp (line 330)

i simply create qgui manager and its sheet.

does it load anything from a file? i dont see anything in the zip files..

thanks in advance


20-08-2007 19:48:28

Please update to the latest release available, which is v0.9.6 beta. The mouse cursor is automatically created with the GUIManager. Also, all texture references should be the full filename, or a loaded Texture resource, ie "qgui.pointer.png". Not saying anything is wrong on your end, just updating you with information regarding the current code base.

Let me know if you run into problems with v0.9.6 beta, I'm planning to release v0.9.6 really soon.


21-08-2007 09:50:01

hi kungfoo,
i am using the latest version. i just downloaded it yesterday to test it.
so if the mouse cursor is automatically created with the guimanager why does it crash ?

the only thing im doing in my code is create the manager, sheet and mouse cursor so to speak.

vod createGUI()
mGUIManager = new QuickGUI::GUIManager( getRenderWindow()->getWidth(), getRenderWindow()->getHeight() );
mGUIManager->createMouseCursor( Ogre::Vector2(0.05, 0.05) );
mSheet = mGUIManager->getDefaultSheet();

and this crashes my app on the mousecursor line like i said before.


21-08-2007 10:06:27

Please remove your previous version of QuickGUI and install/use the following:

There is no function GUIManager::createMouseCursor. :wink:

It could be that you are linking to a previous version of QuickGUI. You need to make sure your source/lib/dlls are all of the same version. An easy way to get configured correctly would be to blow away your QuickGUI location and extract the latest one and use that.